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Traveled from May 13th to May 15th.

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After Lake Bled we had planned to rent a car to drive over the Julian Alps making our way to Ljubljana but we quickly scratched that plan because of the weather and took a bus straight to Ljubljana instead. In the end we didn’t mind the extra time in Ljubljana because this ended up being one of our favorite cities we’ve ever visited. This is one of the few cities where we would try to make a point of visiting again if we were ever again in the area.

Ljubljana doesn’t have any must see sights nor is it very big for a capital city but it’s a fantastic place to just be. It has the essential ingredients for a great European city. An atmospheric cute pedestrian only old town – check. A castle on a hill – check. Great architecture from a famous architect (Jože Plečnik) – check. A canal with atmospheric cafes and restaurants – check. It’s no wonder Rick Steves calls Ljubljana the next next Prague (after Krakow). There’s great food, cafes, and bars littered throughout the city. We could spend hours just hanging out and wandering around from cafe to cafe. The city is also incredibly clean and very walk able with great friendly people throughout. We loved it here and could have easily spent a few more days just taking the entire city in.

Our first truffle dish of many throughout the trip. Delicious!

There’s graffiti in lots of places throughout the city but it never felt dirty or rundown.

Facing the triple bridge, the heart of the old town.

We were wandering around midnight after a long dinner when we stumbled upon this lone violinist playing for a small crowd of 6 people. We sat here enjoying the music echoing throughout the old town until he decided to pack up and call it a night. A really fantastic way to end our first night in Ljubljana.

The daily farmers market.

We couldn’t resist buying a couple baskets of these.

Someone carved out hearts onto this pole. Even the vandalism is beautiful here!

We went on a food walk tour and were brought to this gelato stand. This was the most jolly gelato vender we’ve ever met! He gave us taste after taste with this huge smile throughout.

Like the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris Ljubljana has it’s own bridge where couples put a lock on the bridge and throw the keys into the river. This was my sister and her boyfriend’s lock.

This was mine and Chau’s. Chau gave me a hard time for getting such an ugly looking lock =].

This is an example of a typical cafe along the river in Ljubljana. We hung out for a good hour here drinking wine and beers.

We decided to get the weirdest pizza we could find on the menu and this was it. An American style nacho pizza. It tasted exactly how it sounds and looks.

This was a great bar near the triple bridge right along the water. We hung out here for some after dinner drinks and cigars.

Our hotel was to the right of this spot. I managed to convince Chau to grab a few drinks before heading off to bed.

I tried a social experiment at this bar. I wanted to see if giving American style huge tips for my drinks would get me anything extra. It did not =].

Previous Destination: Lake Bled, Slovenia
Next Destination: Istria, Croatia – Pula, Rovinj, Grozngan, Motovun, Volosko