Our Del Sol Underwater Cenote Trash The Dress

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We knew from the very start when we decided to have our wedding in Playa Del Carmen that we absolutely had to do an underwater cenote trash the dress shoot with Del Sol Photography. After all the pictures that we saw from them were a big selling point in us choosing Playa for our destination! The pictures were so unique and beautiful that we just had to have them for ourselves. A cenote was so unique to the area that we knew we would never have another opportunity to do this again. Matt and Sol are definitely the only people doing this kind of work at this level of quality and it was truly an honor to have our pictures taken by them.

This shoot was loads of fun but also a lot more tiring and difficult than I initially thought it would be. They had us constantly dunking below the water in what seemed like forever. I thought it would just be like when I used to swim for hours as a kid but it was actually nothing like this. I think it had to do with constantly trying to stay beneath the water as long as I could while being conscious of the camera then resting for a couple minutes only to do it all over again. Chau especially had a difficult time with it because she’s not a very strong swimmer. But she powered through it like a trooper and never complained. Even after she cut up her feet on the rocks and swallowed loads of water she still hung in there. I was so proud of her! The experience was so worth it though. Sol and Matt are great people and we just loved being around them. I had an extreme case of the butterflies since I had been following Matt and Sol for such a long time it was like going out with a couple mini celebrities in my eyes but they quickly put my nerves at ease with their friendly and outgoing personalities (and the beer they gave me helped too =]). I especially was in heaven watching them shoot with all their underwater gear and top notch camera equipment. I was so jealous! If anyone is on the fence about doing a trash the dress shoot with them don’t be. Spring for it, you’ll be happy that you did!

So without further ado here are my favorite pictures from team Del Sol.

All Photos in this post by Del Sol Photography © 2011.

The scenery in these cenotes are so beautiful.

Love the fantasy feel of this one!

Matt the aquaman in his scuba gear doing his thing!

This one is so sweet! Gotta love that little fish staring at Chau’s ring.

Time to get fully submerged!

Sol showing Chau how to pose underwater. Look how awesome that housing looks! Oh what fun toys Matt and Sol have.

In between one of our dunks.

I think Chau kind of looks like a ghost coming to devour my soul in this one =].

Chau was so cold during the shoot!

Love this one from the abyss!

Chau thinks I’m making a weird looking face here. I think she’s making a weird face!

This shot was a mistake. Sol was trying to make Chau look like a mermaid swimming through the water but she was having a lot of difficulty not floating directly to the top. Chau was so worried that she made me swim to each side to make sure to grab her in case she couldn’t make it. This was one of the times where she had trouble and I went to grab (rescue) her. I think it’s a very romantic shot. I really love it. Sometimes the unplanned turn out better than the planned!

Another one of Chau’s attempts at the mermaid shot.

This is my favorite one. I absolutely love the fish in the foreground!

Chau’s battle scars.

Thanks again to Matt and Sol for taking these wonderful photos! If you have time make sure to check out Del Sol Photography for more of their awesome work!

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    Amazing!! I love the mermaid shots.

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    WOW. these are great. never seen this done before.