Nguyet and Raymond | Engagement

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Here is Nguyet and Raymond. They drove all the way from Sacramento stuck in 3 hours of traffic to make it to this shoot. Their wedding is coming up next month (!!) and were scrambling to get some photos of themselves in all their different outfits. Nguyet is Vietnamese and Raymond is Chinese so they brought both of their traditional outfits for the shoot. The Ao Dai, which is the Vietnamese outfit, that Raymond was wearing especially brought back memories for me. I had to wear that myself for mine and Chau’s wedding (sorry no pics!) a few months back. Raymond looked much better in his however. Mine was tight and short in all areas and really uncomfortable to wear. Raymond’s on the other hand was nice and loose, he even commented how airy and cool it was to walk around in it!

The one I had to wear looked just like this except my hat was too small and my pants were at mid calf. Not an attractive outfit for me!