Mona and Clarence

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Here is Mona and Clarence, two of our very good friends. Clarence was one of my Groomsmen at our wedding. I’ve known him since high school and we’ve been great friends ever since except for the first year when he picked on me because I was a goofy looking chubby kid who liked computers =]. We’ve only known Mona for the past few years since shes been with Clarence but we always love hanging out with her. She has an infectious personality that people just gravitate to. We still have people from our wedding in Playa Del Carmen who had just met Mona ask us how shes doing. We’ve been talking with Mona and Clarence for a while about getting them out for a portrait session and we were finally able to do so this past weekend. They requested a shoot in the forest so we suggested this abandoned cabin a short hike into the forest. I’ve hiked past here a few times before and always thought it would look great in photos. The place turned out to be great, it had an awesome rundown cabin, fields, and trees. We also didn’t see a single person the entire time we were out there which I always love. Clarence and Mona also put a lot of thought behind the shoot. They came armed with different outfits and props which worked out quite well for the scenery. Great job guys! Clarence and Mona also explicitly told me this was NOT an engagement session. So there you have it, this is a portrait session and not an engagement shoot =].

As a side note Chau and I also got bit/stung by some kind of insect out there while we were romping around looking for photo spots in the undergrowth and debris of a few huge eucalyptus trees. We both didn’t see the bug(s) and still have no idea what stung us out there. It felt like a bee sting but only much worse. My entire hand swelled up and Chau got a huge welt on her leg. She actually got stung through her jeans! Really weird but oh well, we’ll do anything for the photos! Ticks, spiders, stinging insects, bring it on mother nature!