Lucy and Chris | Engagement

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Last Sunday we had the pleasure of doing an engagement shoot with Lucy and Chris. They’re a wonderfully cute couple and came prepared with multiple outfits and a bunch of enthusiasm. We absolutely loved shooting them! We love it when couples are as enthusiastic as we are about taking photos, it really makes the experience that much more enjoyable. The time really flew by during this shoot.

We did this shoot at an old abandoned train tunnel from the late 1800’s that Chau and I had scouted out before. It turned out to be a FANTASTIC place! I could shoot here for hours which unfortunately we didn’t get because we got the boot from a nosy security guard passing through. That didn’t discourage us from coming back for a quick 15 minutes in the tunnel after she left though =]. This place is really awesome because the age shows throughout the area. You can find remnants of the old train station that used to lie here scattered throughout. The streams and mini waterfalls here are also gorgeous. This place is definitely in my list of top 5 places to shoot in the Bay Area.

This is right outside the tunnel.

We ran back into the tunnel with minimal gear for a quick 15 minutes to get a few quick shots here. I just couldn’t get myself to leave without getting some pics inside the tunnel!

  • Ross Stovall

    thanks Clive!  a great couple indeed.

  • Clive Beasley

    These are wonderful pics comprised of great people, interesting site and a fine shooter

  • Kim Panelo

    You both look absolutely amazing! Love the creative site.

  • Tram Ttruong

    Lucy and Chris, you guys are look great! And the location is picturesque. :)

  • Ross Stovall

    thanks matt and kimberly!  its a great spot =].

  • Kimberly

    I am thrilled to see these great pictures.  What a wonderful choice of locations for some creative shots!  :-)

  • matt adcock

    NICE DUDE, these are looking HOT!