Kirsten and Kalani | Engagement

Posted by on Jul 20, 2011 in Blog, Engagements | 2 Comments

Last weekend we had the pleasure of doing an engagement shoot with Kirsten and Kalani. They’re a wonderfully cute couple and were a breeze to interact and chat it up with. It was obvious that they’re great people and perfect for each other. We loved hearing their stories of how they met and how Kalani proposed. They met at a Starbucks connecting over Green Tea Frappuccinos and at the end of the night he carried her bridal style to her car! If you ever meet Kalani in person you’ll see that this totally fits his personality. He was picking Kirsten up and making her laugh the entire shoot. It was really fun to watch! We also especially loved hearing Kirsten talk about how Kalani tipped his hand during their proposal by wearing an out of place suit to a Japanese Garden. How cute! It’s always better to be overdressed than under! Great job Kalani!

This old church built in 1914 is suppose to be the subject of an old Ansel Adams photograph.

  • Ross Stovall

    not this time.  we came armed with repellent =].

  • Oliver Louie

    Nice. any ticks this time out?