Chau’s dress… retrashed

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This shoot is part of our effort to get our butts out of the house and take some pictures. We had already trashed Chau’s dress in Mexico with our fabulous photographers Sol Tamargo and Matt Adcock of Del Sol Photography so we figured since the dress had already been trashed why don’t we just trash it again =]. However I’m not satisfied that we trashed Chau’s dress enough (we didn’t get her wet) so we might go out again sometime in the near future.

We’ve been on a mission lately to try to find places for shoots away from the obvious spots. We found this place in a park we like to go hiking in. I’ve hiked past this semi remote trailhead in the past and had remembered a nice abandoned cabin that I thought would be great for pics. But apparently that cabin was a little further away from the trailhead than I thought so we decided to ditch that plan because Chau was in her wedding dress and flip flops and none of us were prepared for any kind of a hike. But as luck would have it we found a really nice and secluded area off the trail near the trailhead. To our amazement there was even a pretty cool old hidden dirt road there. I thought it was perfect because for the most part we were tucked away in the trees out of view from the trail so we could do our thing without fear of getting harassed. I really enjoyed shooting here and am definitely adding it to our list of photo spots.

Since Chau was my model for this shoot I rounded up one of my friends John to help me assist. He did a great job for his first time! I’m sure he’ll be joining us again for more of our shoots in the future. Thanks John!

As always here are my favorite pics from our day in the forest…

this is on the old hidden dirt road we found.

we wanted to make it look like a princess just putting on her makeup in the forest. not sure if that makes any sense but we rolled with it.

we were trying to go with a red theme to pop against all the green in the area.

  • Anonymous

    thanks lacey! the dress isn’t so much trashed as it is dirty =]. but theres a few rips on the bottom!

    sol! we can’t wait as well! we’re very excited to see yours and matt’s awesome work!

  • Sol

    Awesome Chau! Can’t wait to show you what del Sol did.. working on it! :)

  • Laceyljt

    Wow nice pics Ross! I love the balloons they almost make a heart shape!
    Chau’s dress doesn’t look trashed at all.

  • Anonymous

    thanks much eric!

  • Eric

    Very nice photography Ross! Very talented!