Anh at the ranch

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Ok so there’s no pictures of a ranch but to the best of my knowledge we did this shoot at one =]. We randomly found this place driving around while looking for a semi wide open green area with tall grasses. We basically wanted the shire is what we told ourselves. This setting we found at the end of a road with the gate open. We ignored the signs and walked on in and randomly found another photographer doing a shoot there as well who informed us we were at a ranch. It was perfect and was exactly what we were looking for! We absolutely loved it and plan on coming back again but next time making sure to talk to the owners before hand =].

Chau and I have been making a more concentrated effort recently to get our butts out of the house and shoot. Anh is my little sister and a part time model and she graciously allowed us to take her out to get some pics. I’m not sure whats taken us so long to do a shoot with her but I’m glad we finally did! It was a blast thinking of props, locations, and poses and then executing them as fast as we could. It was an amazing day and we’re already planning on doing another shoot in the very near future with her. Thanks sis!

Here are my favorite shots from the shoot…

I love the dreamy feel of this one!

I’m really digging the small amount of flare the sun through the trees caused in this one.