My best friends wedding

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Over this past weekend I attended and was the best man at my best friend Donny’s wedding. I’ve literally known Donny my entire life. His Mom and my Mom were friends so Donny was actually at the hospital the day I was born. Since then we’ve been like family, in fact Donny always introduces me to people as his cousin. After the ceremony one of the brides brothers even went up to me to tell me that now we’re family, thinking that in fact Donny and I were real cousins. But family or not, he’s been like an older brother to me my entire life.

I can talk with him about anything and am extremely happy that I had his companionship growing up and that we continue to be really close friends.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the event.

Looking sharp Akshay!

Tea for the tea ceremony

Waiting outside the brides house to start the tea ceremony. Nice kicks Christopher!

The dinner after the tea ceremony

In our party bus to the ceremony

Cheers! To Donny!

I had one shot to get this, Andy got up right after!

During my best man speech, look at all my rewrites! I was so nervous! Hat tip to Akshay for taking this!

Donny wasn’t fooled, he picked the right hand.

My lovely fiancé and her friend Nga

This guy was SO funny! He really got down!

The after party at a beach house they rented.