Mochi | Pet Photography

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This is my first crack at pet photography, not including the random shots I take of my two cats around the house. This set is another from the free photo shoot Facebook blast I did a few weeks ago. Ryan and Chrissie are good friends of ours and were second to respond. They were actually the first photo shoot I ever did back when I shot an engagement session for them about 3 years back. And now again they’re another first of mine by graciously allowing me to take photos of their beautiful dog Mochi.

Mochi was definitely a handful but a really fun dog to shoot. I got a nice little workout chasing her all around the dog park. She’s definitely full of life and a really awesome dog to be around. We forgot to bring treats which made the session extra challenging, but we managed to get her attention with funny noises and twigs.

Here’s some photos from the session.

Mochi definitely thinks shes a large dog.

It’s a doggy jailbreak!

There were a lot of weird noises coming from my direction to get Mochi to look towards the camera.

This was a twig Chrissie used to get Mochi’s attention.