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Meet Hansel, the newest edition to our household! We’ve had him for only a week so far but already we love him so much. Hansel is a beautiful Eurasier boy. The Eurasier is a fairly new breed which started in the 60’s in Germany. They were bred by taking the best companion qualities of the German Spitz, Chow Chow, and Samoyed. They’re known for being an ideal companion dog. Calm and quiet indoors but active outdoors. They also have a reputation for being cat charmers. This breed was bred for one purpose, to be great family companion dogs.

They weren’t bred to work and do not have a prey drive, in fact they are known to become severely depressed if they’re not in constant contact with their family. This is not a dog to keep locked away in the backyard. I’ve been eying this breed for the past three years and recently put myself on a breeder’s waiting list for next spring. Someone unexpectedly had to back out at the last minute with the breeders current litter so I snatched him up! We couldn’t be more happy with him. Now if only our two cats felt the same.

  • Ross Stovall

    >richard, cats are probably off hiding in a room somewhere. they only make an appearance now when hansel is in in crate or outside. i'm sure they'd warm up to him if he stopped chasing them! im confident that they'll be friends eventually though, especially the fat cat, he's pretty friendly.

  • Theresa

    >SO CUTE!!! Absolutely love the pictures and the puppy =)

  • Richard

    >dont eat him…
    btw, where are your cats?

  • Jon

    >Almost as cute as his owners!