Grilling at Mike’s with my new Rokkor 58mm f1.2

Posted by on Aug 6, 2010 in Blog, Mine | No Comments

Nothing all that exciting about this. Some of us were bored so we decided to hang out with a BBQ, some beer, and a deck of cards. A typical but always fun night.

But what made this night a little different was that I got to extensively play with my newest toy, the Rokkor 58 1.2. Shortly after I got my 5dm2 and paired it with the 24-70 2.8L I quickly realized that I needed something a little smaller and lighter to carry around when I wanted to pack light.

I decided early on to look for old manual lenses so I could get the most bang for my buck. I always use the center point for focusing anyways so having to manually focus a lens wasn’t that big of a concern for me. After much research I decided on the Rokkor 58mm f1.2 even though it would require me to perform some surgery to get it to mount properly on my Canon. I would also lose infinity focus unless I wanted to shave my mirror, but this would be a minor inconvenience for me because I don’t plan on focusing to infinity much with this lens anyways. The huge aperture caught my eye obviously but what really swayed my decision was the bokeh that I saw in images online. It was the creamiest, nicest looking bokeh I’ve ever seen. And I have to say after getting to play around with it at Mike’s it didn’t disappoint, it’s a bokeh master. I’m very pleased with my purchase so far.

Here are some shots with the lens.