Dang and Delena | Wedding

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This was the second weekend in a row Chau and I attended a wedding of one of our friends. It was great seeing everyone again. Most of the people we sat with live in Southern California so we really only get to see each other during weddings. But we always have a blast whenever we do. This is the fourth wedding we’ve all sat with each other. We’re always one of the loudest and rowdiest tables when we’re together and this time was no different. Another great and really fun time.

Here are some of my pictures from Dang and Delena’s wedding.

The hired second shooter. I thought he kind of looked like a gunman here.

We had a couple hours to kill between the ceremony and reception so we went to DnB’s to start the drinking early.

At the reception at Mayflower.

We were definitely in the running for the loudest table.

The videographers light always lights up the couple with this shot.